A downloadable game for Windows

You play as the spookiest of skeletons trying to defeat an evil vampire and his minions so you can be with your love again. Brave his mansion and vanquish the evil within!


Arrow Keys - Movement (Up Arrow = Jump)

Space Bar - Shoot Bone

Music by UltraFez

Sound Effects by Snow Games

Install instructions

It's a single run executable. Have fun!


Super Skull Boy FINAL.exe 2 MB


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Very neat game. I included it in my AGDG Halloween Game Jam compilation video series, if you'd like to check it out :) https://youtu.be/Je_8vL8_0AU

Thanks very much!

I thought it was a very cute game. would play again

the overall controls were nice, but i had to get used to the part where i didnt turn around while jumping.

Thanks very much for playing my game!

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So proud of you. Played it, loved it, tried multiple styles, full on attacks, parkour avoidance. Tested mechanics like deliberately bumping into jackolanterns to see what happens, great balance decision to allow them to be killed by touch while ensuring they still take 1 health away. The first time I saw one of the ghosts become a bat after death, I was delighted. Fought the baddie and lost, not sure if he's beatable yet judging by the comments but it was still fun. I decided to jump into him at the end and see what happens. Got rekt. Good job!

Thanks very much, Mothdan.

These bits of feedback remind me of why I started making games. I'm glad you enjoyed it!

i did a little video on your game.

Thanks for the review, reviewbro! I'm definitely taking all of your feedback on and will hopefully have an updated version for the end of the jam :)

Thanks again!

recording: http://b.1339.cf/rqkgzkv.mp4


* maybe I'm bad, but it seemed like some situations were unwinnable, and they were unwinnable due to random movement as opposed to my direct actions. Frustrating

observations cut short because I just realized that I could have been shooting bones the whole time


You can have the recording anyway I guess

I'm really impressed that you got that far without shooting, I'm going to add in-game instructions to explain the controls in the new build.

Thanks for the feedback!

spent a good 5 minutes shooting the boss without him taking damage.

also non-variable jump height kinda blows.

Fun game though! I like it.

Thanks for trying my game, ClipartDev.

I'm going to redo the boss and make hits clearer.

Variable jumps is definitely something I could add.

Thanks for the feedback :)